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House of the Ancient and The New

  HOUSE OF THE ANCIENT AND THE NEW   location: Calle San Martín 1, Granada. client: Juan Rodriguez Cervilla. built area: 283.5 m2. project: 2012. date of ending: june 2018 fotographer: Javier Callejas Sevilla collaborators: María Zurita Elizalde (student), Daniel Usero Guerrero (civil engineer). builder company: […]

PANOPTICA New Space for Óptica Loja

PANOPTICA. New space for “Optica Loja”   A free-standing piece of furniture made of birch produces both an embracing and a panoptical effect with its concave forms within the main space of the new “Óptica Loja”. It is a simple formal gesture that revolves around the […]

Hola Chelo Clinic

HOLA CHELO CLÍNICA Dental Clinic in Marbella Conditioned to minimum space requirements, the designing of this clinic was like creating a super precise and complex machine. The main goals: ensuring its perfect functioning and use light and color to provide the client with pleasant feelings […]

Zen Corporation Office

ZEN CORPORATION OFFICE Office interior design The new offices of Zen Corporation are located in a 2.5 m high L-shaped ground floor. The project proposes an optimal use of the room height by including a metal framework attic strategically located and that doesn´t occupy  the […]

Trazacaminos Rail Training Store

TRAZACAMINOS RAIL TRAINING STORE location: Málaga, Spain. client: Trazacaminos S.L. built area: 63.5 m2. project date: 2016. fotography: Cristina Beltrán colaborathors: Alici Gómez Quirantes (arquitect). company construction: Adrimar Carpinteros. cost: 8.500 euro