Office interior design

The new offices of Zen Corporation are located in a 2.5 m high L-shaped ground floor. The project proposes an optimal use of the room height by including a metal framework attic strategically located and that doesn´t occupy  the whole premises. This helps defining spaces and establishing visual relations in height.

Working spaces are open-plan and visually connected through glass separators. As wall finishing, a metallic structure painted in white is combined with the dark wood paneling of the furniture, tinted pinewood strips latticework and backlighted opal glass.


location: Avda. Pérez del Álamo, nº1. Loja, Granada (Spain)

autor_Jose Luis Muñoz Muñoz
collaborator_Ismael Dris (architecture student)
client_Corporación Zen S.L.
project_June 2006
built-up area_126.43 m2
budget_84,500.00 €


Zen Corporation Office

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