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4 apartments block with overlapping

  Lagunillas neighborhood. Historical center, Málaga  The part of a building that is notwithin the limits of the property that corresponds to it, but ratherinvades the adjoining plot, is calledengalaberno.This situation is common in some historic citiesin the south of Spain, as is the case […]

AMORES Cocktail Bar

AMORES Mexican drinks tavern in Alameda de Hércules. Seville. Spain Three illuminated orange glass lattices on a black stucco background draw attention on the ground floor of the corner between Barco Street and Alameda de Hércules. Through them you can glimpse an interior with soft […]

Three Houses in One

THREE HOUSES IN ONE , Malaga Refurbishment and transformation of an 18th century house into 3 houses in historic centre of Malaga city The high demand for housing and the profitability of vacation rentals in the “full” historic center of Malaga leads to the conversion of a […]


MERIDIONAL Refurbishment of a locale for a culinary establishment Ever since the Middle Ages, bread, wheat, wine and vegetables from the east of the province were brought in through the Puerta de Carmona gate, continuing on down the winding and bustling Calle Aguilas to the […]

House of the Ancient and The New

  HOUSE OF THE ANCIENT AND THE NEW   location: Calle San Martín 1, Granada. client: Juan Rodriguez Cervilla. built area: 283.5 m2. project: 2012. date of ending: june 2018 fotographer: Javier Callejas Sevilla collaborators: María Zurita Elizalde (student), Daniel Usero Guerrero (civil engineer). builder company: […]

La Casa de los Vientos

LA CASA DE LOS VIENTOS  matches, in a precise and precious way, geographical features, users’ expectations, programmatic versatility, honest architecture and economical restrictions due to the present context. The final project of Casa de Los Vientos arises in 2012, after dismissing a greater previous project […]

Biodiversity Centre

BIODIVERSITY CENTRE, Loja (Granada)  The ruin and the tree  “Architecture and landscape joined together in the shade of a great pre-existing tree”. The building is located on the outskirts of Loja town in marked agricultural character. This project relates to a beautiful plot of cultivated […]

Water Office

  WATER OFFICE New office for Loja Local Water Company The new headquarters of the Loja Local Water Company are located in the ground floor of an old silo from the 50s. The new construction seats under the ancient weighbridge concrete canopy as an external […]

Apartment for One

APARTAMENT FOR ONE   author: Jose Luis Muñoz location: Calle Trabuco nº3, 2ºA. Granada client: Jose Luis Muñoz built area: 41,00 m2. project : december 2015 final work: february 2016 photography: Cristina Beltrán colaborathor: Daniel Usero Guerrero (arquitecto)

Museum of the Almazara de Las Laerillas

MUSEUM OF THE ALMAZARA OF LAERILLAS The Almazara of Laerillas produced oil until the 1940s. From then to the 1990s it was used as a storage space, remaining in a semi-ruinous state. Some of the buildings gravely deteriorated, especially their roofs and walls, however, the […]

The Route of Balconies

The Route of Balconies Network of public areas in Loja, Granada (Spain) Rufus T. Firefly, Groucho Marx in Duck´s Soup, maintains a hard dispute with the nation of Sylvania in the famous Marx´s Brothers film from 1933. The still black and white photo in which […]

PANOPTICA New Space for Óptica Loja

PANOPTICA. New space for “Optica Loja”   A free-standing piece of furniture made of birch produces both an embracing and a panoptical effect with its concave forms within the main space of the new “Óptica Loja”. It is a simple formal gesture that revolves around the […]

Hola Chelo Clinic

HOLA CHELO CLÍNICA Dental Clinic in Marbella Conditioned to minimum space requirements, the designing of this clinic was like creating a super precise and complex machine. The main goals: ensuring its perfect functioning and use light and color to provide the client with pleasant feelings […]

Zen Corporation Office

ZEN CORPORATION OFFICE Office interior design The new offices of Zen Corporation are located in a 2.5 m high L-shaped ground floor. The project proposes an optimal use of the room height by including a metal framework attic strategically located and that doesn´t occupy  the […]

Trazacaminos Rail Training Store

TRAZACAMINOS RAIL TRAINING STORE location: Málaga, Spain. client: Trazacaminos S.L. built area: 63.5 m2. project date: 2016. fotography: Cristina Beltrán colaborathors: Alici Gómez Quirantes (arquitect). company construction: Adrimar Carpinteros. cost: 8.500 euro

Ratona House

CASA RATONA  Interior refurbishment low cost in an apartment for rental in the ground floor of a house author: Jose Luis Muñoz location: Calle Yeseros nº8, bajo. Granada client: Sisters Herrador Molina : Dolores, María y Virginia built up ares: 70,35 m2. project: january 2016 final […]

The Climbing House

THE CLIMBING HOUSE work in progess A house as the extension of a body The climbing house is home to Lolo’s passions, its denizen. His body wishes shape the house. A container of activities tailored to his needs and his particular way of understanding life.It is […]

Stairway to Heaven

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN  Fire escape staircase at the Rest Home in “El Padul” (Granada) The need of installing a fire escape directly linking the second floor to the outside of the building is identified in the reform and compliance project for this Rest Home in […]

Centre for Agricultural Training

CENTRE FOR AGRICULTURAL TRAINING Tocón, Illora. Granada. The project proposed for the Centre for Agricultural Training of Tocón is a large metal structure and enclosure designed to contain smaller constructions. These will function independently and serve to the various uses provided in the functional requirements […]

Social housing in El Mantillo

VIBRATIONS 32 social housing units in between the city and the mountain FIRST PRIZE When it comes to a geographic site forming a valley, the top position in one of its hillsides can be turned into a privileged point, as long as the inclusion in […]

ROOTED LANDSCAPE. Amsterdam_Europan 15

  ROOTED LANDSCAPE. Piarcoplein Station. Amsterdam (NL). EUROPAN 14 COMPETITION (2017) AWARDED : SELECTED 5º A man made structure which natural elements that transforms a privately owned area into a lively public space. A re-examination of infrastructural spaces involves the recognition that all types of spaces […]

Miraflores Apartment, Seville

APARTAMENT IN MIRAFLORES NEIGHBORHOOD , SevillE Renovation of a 60´s flat into a contemporary apartment authors: Jose Luis Muñoz location: Urbanización Nuestra Señora del Amparo, bloque 8, bajo izda.Sevilla. client: David Pareja Campos built area: 341,70 m2. project date: 2018 final work: marzo 2019 photograph: Fernando […]