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4 apartments block with overlapping

  Lagunillas neighborhood. Historical center, Málaga  The part of a building that is notwithin the limits of the property that corresponds to it, but ratherinvades the adjoining plot, is calledengalaberno.This situation is common in some historic citiesin the south of Spain, as is the case […]

AMORES Cocktail Bar

AMORES Mexican drinks tavern in Alameda de Hércules. Seville. Spain Three illuminated orange glass lattices on a black stucco background draw attention on the ground floor of the corner between Barco Street and Alameda de Hércules. Through them you can glimpse an interior with soft […]

Three Houses in One

THREE HOUSES IN ONE , Malaga Refurbishment and transformation of an 18th century house into 3 houses in historic centre of Malaga city The high demand for housing and the profitability of vacation rentals in the “full” historic center of Malaga leads to the conversion of a […]


MERIDIONAL Refurbishment of a locale for a culinary establishment Ever since the Middle Ages, bread, wheat, wine and vegetables from the east of the province were brought in through the Puerta de Carmona gate, continuing on down the winding and bustling Calle Aguilas to the […]

Apartment for One

APARTAMENT FOR ONE   author: Jose Luis Muñoz location: Calle Trabuco nº3, 2ºA. Granada client: Jose Luis Muñoz built area: 41,00 m2. project : december 2015 final work: february 2016 photography: Cristina Beltrán colaborathor: Daniel Usero Guerrero (arquitecto)

Ratona House

CASA RATONA  Interior refurbishment low cost in an apartment for rental in the ground floor of a house author: Jose Luis Muñoz location: Calle Yeseros nº8, bajo. Granada client: Sisters Herrador Molina : Dolores, María y Virginia built up ares: 70,35 m2. project: january 2016 final […]

ROOTED LANDSCAPE. Amsterdam_Europan 15

  ROOTED LANDSCAPE. Piarcoplein Station. Amsterdam (NL). EUROPAN 14 COMPETITION (2017) AWARDED : SELECTED 5º A man made structure which natural elements that transforms a privately owned area into a lively public space. A re-examination of infrastructural spaces involves the recognition that all types of spaces […]

Miraflores Apartment, Seville

APARTAMENT IN MIRAFLORES NEIGHBORHOOD , SevillE Renovation of a 60´s flat into a contemporary apartment authors: Jose Luis Muñoz location: Urbanización Nuestra Señora del Amparo, bloque 8, bajo izda.Sevilla. client: David Pareja Campos built area: 341,70 m2. project date: 2018 final work: marzo 2019 photograph: Fernando […]