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4 apartments block with overlapping

  Lagunillas neighborhood. Historical center, Málaga  The part of a building that is notwithin the limits of the property that corresponds to it, but ratherinvades the adjoining plot, is calledengalaberno.This situation is common in some historic citiesin the south of Spain, as is the case […]

La Casa de los Vientos

LA CASA DE LOS VIENTOS  matches, in a precise and precious way, geographical features, users’ expectations, programmatic versatility, honest architecture and economical restrictions due to the present context. The final project of Casa de Los Vientos arises in 2012, after dismissing a greater previous project […]

Biodiversity Centre

BIODIVERSITY CENTRE, Loja (Granada)  The ruin and the tree  “Architecture and landscape joined together in the shade of a great pre-existing tree”. The building is located on the outskirts of Loja town in marked agricultural character. This project relates to a beautiful plot of cultivated […]

Water Office

  WATER OFFICE New office for Loja Local Water Company The new headquarters of the Loja Local Water Company are located in the ground floor of an old silo from the 50s. The new construction seats under the ancient weighbridge concrete canopy as an external […]

ROOTED LANDSCAPE. Amsterdam_Europan 15

  ROOTED LANDSCAPE. Piarcoplein Station. Amsterdam (NL). EUROPAN 14 COMPETITION (2017) AWARDED : SELECTED 5º A man made structure which natural elements that transforms a privately owned area into a lively public space. A re-examination of infrastructural spaces involves the recognition that all types of spaces […]